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Doctors & Private Practices


Our Services for Doctors & Private Practices Include:

  • Financial & Retirement Lifestyle Planning
  • Enhanced Retirement Plans
    • Increase Tax Deductions & Maximize Savings
  • Coordinated Tax & Business Advisory Through Magone CPAs 
  • Tax-Efficient Investment Management
  • High-Net-Worth Advanced Planning Strategies
  • Real Estate Investing & Financing
  • Business Succession & Exit Planning
  • Personal & Business Insurance Reviews:
    • Life, Disability, Group Health, Business Insurance & Malpractice.
  • Estate Maximization & Liquidity Planning.
  • Charitable Giving Initiatives
  • Family Planning
  • College Planning
  • Alternative Investment Reviews

As a Doctor, you have likely spent a small fortune over a period of many years to acquire knowledge and perhaps develop a specialty area of focus.  Furthermore, to service your community and deliver a certain level of care, you decided to go into Private Practice. 

With this practice model, you now become a business owner, a CFO and have to wear many subsequent hats in addition to treating patients.  Our Team has a deep understanding of the many challenges Medical Professionals face along with the constant balancing act of maintaining a patient schedule while trying to find time to work on the business. 

Given all of the responsibilities you face, we often find that the Doctor’s personal life balance and financial wellbeing becomes neglected and takes a back seat.  Furthermore, after many years of schooling, your career has likely started later than the typical person coming out of college.  Strapped with additional medical school loans and a shorter career span, it is easy for Doctors to feel like they are playing catch-up.  To complicate matters further, we often see Doctors approached by various private alternative investment offerings, which can be lucrative but also drain resources for other initiatives and add a degree of complication to planning.  

Another area that provides a degree of complexity is formulating a plan to exit from the Practice upon retirement.  We can help you informally value your Practice, weigh your options and a devise a strategy to sell to an internal Partner or another Medical Group.  

Similar to a patient treatment plan.  At Campania Wealth Management, we are dedicated to helping you develop a financial plan, and lifestyle, that will tie together and balance your business and individual/family planning needs.  We can help you make sense of your options and make sure you are staying on track to accomplishing all of your objectives.