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Corporate Executives


Our Services for Corporate Executives Include:

  • Retirement Lifestyle & Income Planning
  • Incentive & Non-Qualified Stock Option Reviews
  • 401k Professional Investment Management
  • Coordinated Tax & Business Advisory through Magone CPAs
  • Restricted Stock & Diversification Planning
  • Stock Purchase Programs
  • Deferred Compensation & Excess Benefit Planning
  • Tax-Efficient Investment Management
  • High-Net-Worth Advance Planning Strategies
  • Real Estate Investing & Financing
  • Personal & Business Insurance Reviews (Life, Disability, LTC)
  • Estate Maximization & Liquidity Planning
  • Charitable Giving Initiatives
  • Family Planning
  • College Planning

As a busy Executive and Intrapreneur, you are likely a goal setter and have the ability to visualize the bigger picture. 

At Campania Wealth Management, we are dedicated to helping you create a vision for your financial future and retirement.  We accomplish this by having a dialog with the Executive to visualize their future and what is important in their life so we can develop a personal plan with a series of goals that can be executed incrementally over time to accomplish those objectives. 

Furthermore, as an Executive, you are likely provided with complex benefit packages and rewards in an effort to retain and adequately compensate you for your efforts and achievements.  These benefits can often cause an Executive to become overly concentrated in company stock with no game plan to diversify in a tax-efficient manner.  Our Team can help you make sense of these stock and benefit packages to ensure all aspects of your financial life are properly coordinated to yield maximum financial benefit.  

Another layer of complexity arises for the Executive who has international or multi-state income.  Having a Team of Advisors that can be brought in to help address complex tax matters to create a cohesive plan becomes invaluable for the Executive.  Our association with Magone CPAs allows us to deliver sound, objective and proactive advice with the goal of simplifying and maximizing your financial life.